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The Importance of Proofreading

Providing a Professional Academic Proofreading Service is our passion. ProofReaderLive is also able to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective general proofreading service to clients both in South Africa and Worldwide. Our specialist writing offerings are tailored to cater for the editing requirements of Corporate Business and Small to Medium Enterprises.

“It’s almost impossible to keep mistakes from occurring in any piece of writing. Maximise your chances of success by making sure these mistakes don’t sell you short!”

If  your work needs expert editing, rewriting or just a good tidy up, we can provide the solution.  ProofReaderLive will ensure that your text goes out error-free and impeccable!

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What is Proofreading all about?

Have you just completed a new piece of writing? It could perhaps be an academic assignment, sales brochure, or the draft of a technical document. This could also have taken you weeks or months to prepare. You’re probably very proud of your efforts, and quite justifiably so!

But stop for a moment to ponder; Is it free of writing errors? Will it stand up to detailed scrutiny by your readers? They may be academics, business people, or important clients who appreciates near perfection.

If mistakes are not weeded out before you publish your new document, they will be spotted by your readers. If there are glaring shortcomings, you can quickly lose credibility. Mistakes can stand out from otherwise good copy, suggesting carelessness or a lack of attention to detail. They will ultimately lose you business or opportunities. So it is important to maximise your chances of success by making sure these writing mistakes are eradicated.  In academic writing, spelling and grammatical errors will undoubtedly result in penalisation that can negatively influence you final pass mark.

By example, recent research indicates that poor spelling is costing many internet based businesses, millions of  dollars in lost revenue. An analysis of website figures shows that a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half. Misspellings put off consumers who could have concerns about a website’s credibility.

Correcting Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Using correct Grammar

It’s almost impossible to keep mistakes from occurring in any piece of writing. These could consist of simple typographical errors or punctuation slip-ups. They can be hard to spot even during careful checking. When we read text we tend to concentrate on its meaning rather than on its construction. Just to make matters worse, many of us have spelling “quirks” without even being aware of them. We usually “see what we want to see”, as opposed to  what is actually written in the text.

It is very difficult indeed to proofread your own work. It is always better to hand it to someone else skilled in proofreading to do it for you. This needs to be don before final submission of your manuscript.

But What About Spellcheck?

Using a SpellChecker

It is quite true that most errors in your work will be picked up by running a Spellcheck, which highlights spelling and grammatical errors. But many mistakes slip through this spellcheck net. For instance, if you want to type ‘burned’ and you accidentally hit the T key, Spellcheck will not pick up ‘turned’ as an error. “Turned” does exist as a word in the dictionary.

Some people have difficulty distinguishing words which sound similar, but are in fact quite different: words such as eligible and illegible? Getting the wrong word can alter the meaning of your text dramatically!

Another common problem is with homophones – words pronounced the same way but spelt differently. Do you know when to use ‘bass’ instead of ‘base’, ‘revue’ in place of ‘review’ or ‘reign’ rather than ‘rain’ or ‘rein’? Despite modern software facilities, only a human eye can identify these when they’re out of place in your text. Spellcheck is therefore a valuable tool, but it cannot replace the contribution that a skilled proofreader can make to your work.