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Tools To Accelerate Academic Success

Here we will share inspirational academic success quotes, free downloads relating to personal health and well-being whilst studying. We will also make available specific free downloads on the topic of  self-improvement and making a success of life in general.

Visit us often and you will be amazed at the genuinely free educational and self-help resources we will make available.  We want to debunk the myth that “nothing in life is free”. We unreservedly resonate with the lyrics of a once famous song that refers to; “The Best Things In Life Are Free”.

Education must enable manpower to become self-employed and to contribute to the rapid economic transformation of a country.  Universities and related institutions play a huge role in alleviating the high level skills gap. However it will be extremely shortsighted not to include vocational education and practical skills development as another priority area.

In South Africa, access to higher education remains a major concern, especially with the under-preparedness of a major part of the student population. The poor mathematics and science pass rates does not supply sufficient students to especially enter the technical and applied sciences.

Education For a Successful Nation

We need to fully appreciate the inputs from experts and stakeholders for educational policy making. Holding meaningful dialogues with students and academics to further improve the quality of higher education is undoubtedly a very will be a meaningful exercise. This initiative will be of even greater importance if the political will and private sector support can be effectively utilized. Education for a successful can become a sustainable reality.

Beyond all of the above, the individual learner or tertiary student still needs to take ownership for academic success. This is what we will be supporting on this page and the relevancy extends to both full-time and part-time students. The information shared will be mostly about health, intellectual wealth and personal advancement.

Quality education is far too important to leave it in the hands of a few, and let us go no further than our very own Madiba who so eloquently stated;

Education Success Quote by Nelson Mandela


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