General Services

ProofReaderLive offers a general proofreading service in which a document will be checked for common errors, including:

–  Spelling and punctuation
–  Typographical errors
–  Syntax and grammar
–  Clarity and style
–  Layout consistency
–  Flow and sense
–  Continuity of person, tense, register etc.

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Academic Proofreading

  • To gain the maximum grades possible, you need to submit an error-free document!
  • Have your thesis/dissertation or assignment proofread to eliminate any errors you might have missed.
  • ProofReaderLive can eradicate all spelling and grammatical errors and ensure correct formatting of your document to inspire confidence in your work.

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Specialist Business Services

ProofReaderLive is able to proofread your business-related documents to the best international standards. Documents can include:

–  Internet Websites
–  Product brochures
–  Letters, emails etc
–  Operating manuals
–  Policy documents
–  Company (formal) reports

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English Foreign Language (EFL)

English has become the de facto language for business internationally. ProofReaderLive can ensure that any translated documents are free from incorrect or inappropriate uses of English and are expressed in good, colloquial language that will be fully understood.

ProofReaderLive can also offer foreign business people and students the opportunity to improve the quality of their written communication in English through proofreading services.



1 – Email us at for a quote.
2 – Please provide us with brief details of your document e.g. number of pages and attach a small sample of    approximately 2-3 pages.

ProofReaderLive is able to return a quote within 48 hours max but we usually aim for 24 hours.

What Happens Next?

  • If you are happy with your quote, submit your full document to ProofReaderLive via email.
  • At this point you are asked to pay 50% of the fee quoted, normally via electronic transfer.
  • Proofreading will commence once proof of payment has been received.
  • ProofReaderLive will perform the proofreading within the time frame given in your quote, and send you the completed work via email.
  • In addition to the proofread/corrected document, we will provide you with a List of Changes/Corrections, indicating the page and line number of each change.
  • This list also includes our suggestions for improving the text, where applicable, and any queries which may have arisen.
  • Many of our clients find this list particularly valuable, since it provides them with a quick cross-reference to the changes made to the document.
  • Payment of the balance of the fee should be made within 48 hours of receiving the completed proofreading.

Original and proofread documents will be deleted from ProofReaderLive’s records once the client has confirmed acceptance of the completed work, and full payment has been made.