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Academic Editing Services – South Africa

Academic Editing Services – South Africa

Academic Editing Services – South Africa

All people involved in academic activities whether as a student, teacher, or lecturer will have to write something formal at some point. This can include assignments, term papers, setting up course material, journal submission and writing of theses and dissertations.  At some point though, they might consider academic editing services.

From a student’s perspective, the aim is at all time to ensure that assignments are submitted timeously, and is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Academic researchers and lecturers on the other hand, have career goals that include publishing their work in research journals.  This is related to enhancing academic reputation in their area of expertise.

For some however, to successfully complete and assignment or writing a thesis, is often a daunting task. This is a particular language challenge in South Africa where the academic lingua franca is English. The majority student population have an ethnic language as mother tongue. It is precisely here where the importance of an affordable yet professional academic editing service comes in.

Academic Editing Services

The Question Then Arises As To;

What Would Be The Essential Requirements Of An Academic Editing Service?

Let’s first look at the editors themselves, and there is no doubt that they should be professionally qualified with publishing experience on authentic platforms.

1 – Recognised Technical Expertise

Each editor on the team must have substantial expertise in the selected field and a good technical research background. All the editors must have an earned Master’s or PhD degrees and publishing experience in peer reviewed journals. The service provider must ensure that a client’s project is matched to an editor with wide exposure to the topic or field under discussion.

2 – Exceptional Editing Skills

Editors must be carefully chosen to ensure that their editing skills are really world class. They need to be very comfortable with careful analysis of each sentence. It is critical to identify and fix spelling and grammatical errors. This needs to be done with the idea of still maintaining the correct meaning of the idea being conveyed by the author. In order to add further value, helpful comments must be added that provide enhanced writing insights to the author.

3 – Guarantee of Work Quality

A client would normally have invested many hours into their research project. They must feel completely comfortable the work quality. Upfront commitments to deliver a world class error-free document with a money-back guarantee, needs to be in place.

What Specific Academic Editing Services Must Be On Offer?

a – General Academic Editing

This includes a wide array of academic material ranging from proposals for grants, text books, and even research posters. They must be competent in enhancing the language in these documents, improve their readability and eliminate all grammatical errors.

b – Dissertation and Thesis Editing

A thesis or dissertation, stands between a client and graduation, and all the hard work needs to be appreciated. A highly qualified editor is able to thoroughly examine the document and create a publication of the very highest quality.

c – Journal Manuscript Editing

Academic journals often have their own unique formatting style and editing requirements. The editing services offered must be distinctive and tailored to meet the specific requirements of each journal.

Special cognisance must be taken heed of, relating to language challenges for non-native English speaking clients, especially in a country like South Africa.


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